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This man is right on the money! Money only seems to flow to the top and the ones on the bottom are left out. The Media shows most of the riches and their actions which seems to make some of us believe that we have the right to such riches and start robbing the ones we believe should not have it all. Our world is made of all kinds of different believers, with different outlooks in life and there is where globalization becomes almost dangerous. We seem to think that we can change peoples ways or their way of thinking, hoping they will accept us the way we accept them, but that is almost impossible because it means that they would have to give up their identity. That is why I think that we all should stay where our thinking and our actions are a common thing and accepted by all. If we choose to go to other places, we should be ready to accept their ways and live by their rules and laws. All this sounds real easy to do but unfortunately it has NOT been working! I think ,
all we have accomplished with that globalization so far, it has caused mankind to loose sight of the real meaning behind thankful, grateful, respect, love,and self pride. It made way for greed, discontent, destruction, hate, and many other unwanted behavior! That is because governments and certain businesses have had all the financial benefit and the rest of the people remain in the same financial mess. I may wrong, but this is how I see it!