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Several years back, I awoke to your first SOF program with Pankaj Mishra. I recall literally jumping up out of bed yelling, Wow! Wow!. His insight and clarity really excited me, especially as I had already been part of an Engaged Buddhism sangha. I really "got" Buddha's teaching in a new way, and I immediately purchased Mishra's book, which I have shared with many.

I look forward to hearing more from Pankaj Mishra, and thank you for re-airing this wonderful segment. As we Americans are forced by the realities of our economoy to not only simplify our lives but to once again embrace community and sharing, it is my hope - and my commitment - to see us also find the joy in that. Unless we find the joy in making these changes, we will see them only as what we have to give up, rather than to see the freedom, the liberation that simplicity and community can be. Thich Nhat Hanh says that suffering is not enough, we must also learn to smile. We must be the smile for others. I am in motion to simplify, to share more of my resources, and I can feel the smile already bubbling up within me. Thanks for your program.