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I enjoyed many of the points that Claiborne brought up, however I feel he misses the point Jesus spoke to about forsaking material things to follow him. Jesus never spoke about giving all your material goods away, but he did question where their heart was. Money is not evil, but the love of it is. I feel we would all (believers in Christ) do a lot better if we each examined our own hearts as scripture commands. And then, and only then would see things through God's eyes.

The life Shane has chosen to live is to be commended, but is it for everyone? No. And not to say he is pressing anyone to live according to his example, but he seems to boaderline line on "passive" legalism. He is convined everyone would be better off to follow his example. There are many believers living out their faith, in service to others, and some of them do it in three piece suits.

As Christ followers each of us are at different levels. As we grow in faith, that growth will produce good works, and through the Holy Spirit God will use us as he wills, and it won't always look the way someone wished it would.

How you worship, pray, give or not is up to you. Only God knows the heart, and only God can judge it.