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Less is more is a mantra right now in my home and in my family of origin. For the first time in many years our family is not exchanging gifts. We will for the holidays be together and have wonderful meals together and share our history. My dad is 92 and is the last of 8 children and has memories to share with us about his life span and the way the economy has effected him over the course of his life.

In my work life I gather on a regular basis with my group of holistic health adivisors.

We meet to see how we can move out into our community to better serve and be more available by having more one on one open houses to have a place for families to receive free information on how to take care of their health in a holistic way.

I feel the economic turn is an opportunity for me to change and adapt to what my family really needs instead of just giving gifts just for the sake of giving and in my work life how I can be available to serve when people have less money to spend on out of pocket expenses such as massage and reflexology .

I am thankful to release the holiday pressure by letting go of usual frantic buying and just share food and history with my family and friends.