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Thank you for creating a site like this where significant issues facing our society and culture can be discussed.

As an outsider (from Australia) I was sorry that after the Twin Towers disaster, the the political leaders (and other leaders who have the opportunity to stimulate thought and action) in USA did not grasp the chance to respond in the way you are on this sight; asking the really important questions that may bring about creative and productive change in our world - whether that world be personal, local, national or international. "Why do certain radical Muslims see the Western World the way they do? What is there about our lifestyle and behaviour that stimulates such violent attitudes towards us?

By not grasping the opportunity, I think we missed the chance to reform ourselves to be less materialistic, less liberal morally etc. If the billions of dollars that have been and will be spent on the wars in Afganistan and Iraq had been spent on developing health and welfare projects in those countries, we would have "disarmed" the terrorists of the beliefs that cause them to think and believe that we are such evil people.

Having made a digression from the context of the interview with Dr Remen, I would hope that people do respond to the initiatives that she raises. My BIG concern is that we will repeat history. One of the Psalms set for this week was Ps 107 where we find the following words repeated X 4 - "Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress." The Israelites - and humanity - seem to have the nature of wanting to going back to their old counter-productive ways and finding themselves back in the pigsty.