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Repossessing virtue seems to be part of any spiritual journey. Perhaps because of the financial changes, many of us are going on a journey of letting go of fear ; honing our lives down in ways similar to those who have few days left to live do - we are looking at what is important. Since there is much unknown ahead of us, the calmest thing to do is to let go. But oh so difficult to let go.

For those of us new to the journey, it is perhaps easier to look outside when honing down before looking inside. Many of us have lost the virtue of who we are as spiritual, soulful people. When we are in crisis, we have the opportunity to look at our essence, who we are as spiritual, soulful people. This can be somewhat frightening! And then what do we do with what we find? Perhaps now is the time to find this out? I agree with Dr, Remen that what better time than now to turn inward?