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The correlation between the free market and moral character makes much ado about nothing. Statistically, we may find an evident relationship according to the degree of freedom of people's choices. But everyone knows about the uncertain human being. Subjective probability, then, through individual judgment or opinion, will be based on a combination of an individual's past experience, personal point of view, and analysis of a particular situation.

Outdated attitudes are the crux of the discussion. We are easily deluded into thinking that the free market does or does not corrode moral character. The free market is simply an element of a larger system, the environment. The key to a free market's success is the institution or availability of human ethical values. The role of spirituality is tacit in the free market. It has to do with how we see ourselves and how we see the world. There is nothing that can corrode moral character in me but myself. It takes a great deal of inner security and courage to be able to risk one's self in understanding others. Blaming the survival system sub-optimizes our dignity.