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The biological clock is associated with recurrent natural cycles. It is time to be ready for the change of the nature of our living matter. We have seen the changes in the tides, days and nights, seasons; the climate change has showed us where we are going. The biological control of our species is taking form from spiritual terms to a physical reality overcoming the economic crisis and all judgments. Through human ethical values: understanding others, helping them to cope with the situation, and overcoming evil with good, the destructive test we have taken in the material plane is already defeated. Fortunately, we have a natural enemy in the natural law to control it from recurrence. Everyone knows what loving others as loving ourselves means. Our free will must change its mind and synchronize with the free will of the universe to make the final adjustment to the next level of civilization: the ethical age. My prayer is that everyone grieves what we need to grieve and move on into the post-materialistic field without looking back to the past worldly connections. Follow this time of tremendous light. Money issues are not the concern anymore. We will have the necessary to start over again a new life in freedom as part of our being the same forever