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I found the notion of this particular blog fascinating: the topic has been on my mind.

Since watching the movie *I.O.U.S.A.*, as well as reading *Empire of Debt,* it is fair to say I have found myself transformed. I paid no/little attention to the economy before this, and now I realize I, and we, must live differently -- on the personal level and on the social level...all social levels. We can no longer continue to expand our debt, whether for war or for domestic programs. It is simply unconscionable.

As a "liberal," I must re-examine how we act: creating a new program or a new agency just can't be our modus operandi any more. I don't have answers, yet; but I know we must--each of us think what it means.

I live in an area where there are many homeless. I realize I can't just assume there are programs to help, while I from time to time give the individuals I see $1, $2, or $20. It has occurred to me to talk with one of those I know by name and say something like this--"You can count on me for $10 each week; since we each must do something these days, you do something that helps others for that $10. It may be picking up paper, helping someone cross the street, listening to someone who needs to talk. You don't need to tell me what it is. Just do something."

We must take care of each other in new ways. And we must not only save but we must also address the ... least $8 trillion debt. It demands each one of us--Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives, whatever the labels--think and then live differently.