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This program reminded me the response of the church in Latin America to the poor pre-liberation theology. A Buddhist telling me that life is suffering. How different is that from a priest telling a campesino to bear his cross with nobility. It lets an economic system that caused this crisis go unchallenged. There was no discussion of social sin as in critical theology. No mention that perhaps unregulated free-market capitalism not only will never care for the environment, it doesn't do such a good job taking care of humans either. No discussion of social sin, structural sin, economic systems that are destructive, therefore evil. Instead psychotherapeutical solutions where the person is considered as an individual separate from the economic context. Do people need "stress reduction strategies"? I think they need jobs. We as people of faith and charity and justice have to be clear enough in our economic critique to work for changing capitalism to a more humane system. Along with more "virtue," more critical theology.