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Until it is commonly understood that Capitalism is amoral--neither moral or immoral--we run up against the notion that the free market is sacrosanct and regulation is bad! Capitalism & markets are largely a means of organizing resources. Without society setting limits, markets and capitalism will rewards monopolies as well as unfair trade & labor practices without regard to the harm done. There is some notion that in the long term, greedy & dishonest behavior will be punished by the market, but I don't think it is very efficient in doing so.
Society must take responsibility for establishing rules & incentives that reflect the best values of that society. If a society abdicates its role in developing the rules to government, it runs the risk of special interests vying to direct whatever the government regulation is. Because money is power, we more often have industry abusing the public by pressing the government to pass rules for its advantage. However, there are cases when advocates for labor or environment or other issues lobby for rules that give them advantages in a way that doesn't serve the public. Society needs to be reminded that it has a vital role. Ms Blank touches on some of this but her points seems a bit murky.