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I believe the financial market is functioning as it is designed. Where we see a flaw there is really mathematical poetry going on in the background. To say poetry, I mean the wail of a macabre discourse for the seemingly powerful to retain such a perspective over those deemed powerless.

Business is an entity of people bent on making money, etc. I do not see where an ethic or morality of business can be defined based on this pluralistic nature of describing the legal way with which one can satisfy their greed or circumvent all legalities to immerse themselves in the perception that: I need more.

The moral and ethics seems to stem from the outsiders of those that do not benefit, directly, in this "Free Market" or "Globalized" economy. It is always easier after something has been unearthed to say this or say that about it and the bottom line is that we can discuss morals and ethics in business, but have they yet - even at a governmental level - changed their practices? If they did, would we know it?

I can speak to the fact that I am at a loss, but I wonder if it is part of the free market plan, if you will. I beat myself up for this and that: my children will be paying for my generation's mistakes, I will not retire, and so on. What I am believing is that the market is setup in conjunction with transparent connections to other areas, such as the media, that this is the plan.

The rant from a labeled, categorized, and statistically tracked consumer: one who finds free market to be anything resembling free or a market, but a costly sweatshop from the rich to the poor.