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I do not need to see the face of other people to know what kind of person she would be, how he may behave, and how they live their lives. It is because we are all the same human being on earth in spite of how diverse it can be or how many ethnics existing. Understanding major differences embrace our human condition. The creation of all major religions in the world and other many expressions of faith and disbelief is what makes our human dynamics ethical. Hence, any political, economic, and social movement will be always reflected under the shadow of ethics. Ethics is the new model of the world. Ethics is the soul of our human relationships. Ethics is the salt of any human intervention. Everyone has already made a faith commitment to believe what he thinks is the spiritual life or the thought that she is supposed to direct her life. No matter how we conduct our lives, the fact of survival will breathe ethics- for the good or the bad - into our behavior. A global economic turndown is like if the whole humanity is losing its job. Several causes (1) abuse of power (2) retaliation (3) selfishness to work with other people (4) indolence (5) discrimination (6) lack of commitment (7) cupidity (8) hypocrisy (9) grandeur delirium (10) lack of care for the consequences. The solution to continue getting our food is to make the transition to the next level smoothly: the ethical age. Who is in charge to lead this enterprise? Yourself! It is not the common sense but the common people that brings the necessary change.