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I really appreciate the transparency of your journalistic process, and your desire to provide meaningful conversation in all of your shows. I believe that the Jeremiah Wright material is important and has enduring value. I, for one, finally grasped how the African-American church experiences and understands the Gospel. That did put some of his more seemingly outrageous comments from the pulpit into context. (It was, after all, his ad-lib comments in Washington DC at a press club that got him into trouble, not so much the comments he has made from the pulpit). That alone would make a great show. I do understand how challenging it must have been to bring racism, politics, church and Bishop McKenzie all into the context of one show, without shorting anyone. In my view, their was some redundancy in the Wright material in the final cut, and it was obvious that Bishop McKenzie didn't want to pursue that conversation. A little more editing there might be worthwhile if the show is re-aired at a later date (a different musical score would help, too), without sacrificing the entire segment. The piece that could be cut almost totally, to make room for the Samaritan woman, is the Rev. Cone material. On your web site, there is a link to that full conversation, which is more worthwhile than the snippet that ended up in the final cut. I really would love to hear at least two more shows that this one inspired-- how the African-American church understands the Gospel (including hearing from Rev Wright himself) and, most of all, an entire show about sacred story in the Christian tradition. Rev McKenzie has deep insights, and so do people like Carolyn Myss and Father Richard Rohr, both of whom have deepened my understanding considerably. With a teacher who can take you deep into meaning, past institutionalized theology and doctrine, the stories as lived experience are truly amazing and transformational.