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Shiraz-- one more thing. Maybe what you call "black theology" as articulated by Rev.Cone and Rev Wright is not theology so much as psychology, or even therapy, with a theological driver. It also retains values and traditions that otherwise would be lost in mainstream culture. It reminds me of the indignant anger of leaders of other groups that historically have been oppressed, such as Native American authors Dr. Jack Forbes at UC Davis and Vine Deloria,who wrote "God is Red." Native American churches are also clearly recognized by name alone. When the oppression has included genocide and perfect cruelty, it is no wonder that even the scholarly Dr Forbes, and clergy like Rev. Cone, speculate openly that "there is something wrong with white people." I would reframe it as "humans are slow to recognize the perverse effects of domination culture and politics." But there is more. Everywhere we look, from the caste system in India to all forms of slavery, sexism and tribal violence around the world, religion has had little power to change human behavior. America began as groups of the oppressed seeking freedom,and look what happened. The story of the Samaritan woman gives us the needed remedy. After she threw off the chains of society's power over her, and saw herself for who she truly was, she didn't run back to the village to take revenge on those who had hurt her. She ran to gather them up and bring them to the well, so that they could learn the same thing.