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Thanks for posting this Alda. I have enjoyed singing Sacred Harp music for over 20 years. For the past seven, I have done most of my Sacred Harp singing at University Baptist Church, where this was recorded. That night I left just as Alda was setting up the microphone. It's kind of odd to have a recording of the singing. It captures a part of the experience, but not the whole thing. Each individual brings their own flavor, their own needs, their own vocal timbre. We then raucusly share all of that with each other in the sacred space that the singing allows us. You'll notice that no one part dominates, just as no one person dominates. Something sacred happens when we give of our selves in song to each other, to God, to our deepest longings. That's what Sacred Harp music does for me. It lifts me out of my doldrums and helps me to see beyond myself. That's sacred work, if you ask me.
Doug Donley