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On a related "note," I am part of the Mennonite faith, which has traditionally had a culture of singing 4-part a cappella hymns. There is nothing (except maybe a Sacred Harp gathering) like a Mennonite hymn sing. At Goshen College, where I work and which is a Mennonite college, when we have hymn sings on campus, many of the college students are so enthusiastic that they are shouting out the next number to sing before the previous one has been completed.

Over the years, with the Mennonite church's emphasis on global understanding, the hymns that are sung have become more diverse and represent more than our Russian/Swiss/German heritage. Yet, the song dearest to the hearts of many Mennonites is what we refer to as "606" (the page number in an old hymnal), or "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow." It has been even called the Mennonite anthem. When the group Sweet Honey in the Rock performed at Goshen, they requested the audience to sing "606" for them. And at the college's soccer games, fans sing "606" when the clock hits 6:06.

All to say that Mennonites and music may be a good addition to the music show you are planning. Some recommendations of people to talk with: Mary Oyer (professor emeritus of music at Goshen College) or Ken Nafziger (professor of music at Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, Va.).