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As a life-long Sacred Harp singer from the deep South (Georgia, Alabama, and now Tennessee) and an "honorary" Minnesotan after just over a year there singing with the Minneapolis-St. Paul singers, I can vouch for the love this particular group of singers has for this sacred music. Although many initially came to the genre thinking it was folk music or maybe just something different, many have realized over the years just how sacred the music really is. Some even consider these singings their primary worship services.

I have sung with folks from California to Florida, Minnesota to Louisiana and parts in between (and even some folks from abroad), but with the exceptions of my home church and family, the Minnesotans are some of my favorites! Take the opportunity to join them sometime soon! I say "join them" vs. "go listen" because this "participatory" music (and the singers) won't let you get by very long with just listening! The singers will give you a "loaner" book and some guidance on how to get started. You'll likely wind up with a mentor or two for good measure,! Relax and enjoy the experience!

Hugs and love to all of my Minnesota singer buddies!! I hope to join you around the hollow square VERY soon!