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I’m a nice Jewish boy from da Bronx. I’ve been singing Sacred Harp/Shape Note/Fasola for about 28 years but have been most active in the past 20 years: singing in various places from Hoboken, Georgia; to a church across the street from the Waldorf-Astoria (St. Barts on Park Ave); in Poway, California with my sister; and the Lower East Side sing over the bar just moments away from Katz’ Delicatessen on Houston St. where you can get great pastrami.

It’s not about the where, but rather with whom you’re singing. I have had the pleasure of singing with most of the people who commented on this thread, they are part of my Shape Note family. When I get to sing in the square with them I truly feel the transcendent presence of a higher power and I am touched deeply by it. I feel my experience joins with others of different faiths and practices headed down the same path and makes my appreciation of my own path much more meaningful.

We store the files of our lives on the great hard disk in the sky but choose our own operating system to access it.