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Actually, Mr. Fox, I would suggest that the Sacred Harp community as a whole is one of the most "inclusive" groups you will find, especially among musicians. We require no musical training of you, no particular talent, just a willingness to participate and learn our tradition.

We do expect a certain amount of respect, however. My church is one of a few churches who still use this music in our regular worship services, so I am particularly attuned to that respect issue.

As for your comment, I assure you that if you give the music and its singers a chance, they will welcome you. It costs you nothing to try. In fact, every person in this group goes to quite a bit of expense to support their two major singings by hosting visitors from out of town and feeding all of the attendees, both singers and nonsingers alike.

As Martha suggests, spend some time getting to know these folks. You won't regret it.