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Thank you very much for introducing this particular "thread"; the question of how shows "emerge" has been on my mind recently.

Recently the "Emergent Church"/"Emerging Church" movement has attracted the attention of the Lutheran rank-and-file, albeit with (IMHO) a fairly superficial treatment in The Lutheran. A bit of research shows that the Emergent Church movement has existed globally for at least 20 years, originating in the UK; more interesting is how controversial Evangelicals and fundamentalists find this movement. Reading only The Lutheran. one might think this movement is about guitar services and "conversations," but reading and listening to evangelical leaders (pastors, seminarians, etc) one sees that this movement is much more threatening!

So here's my suggestion: consider doing a show on The Faith of the Postmodern. I'm not a theologian so I can't provide much more advice, but the thesis is that "postmoderns" of all backgrounds are questioning everything about their faith traditions. This is related to your (wonderful) show on "The New Monastics" but is not the same.

Thank you very much for your amazing and wonderful show; I have nearly very episode on my iPod and every show gets multiple listens.