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Mitch...I have often wondered at the conversation (or lack thereof) between the two brothers... or the conversation from the unmentioned mother. (Alison Funk writes a beautiful poem called 'The Prodigal's mother'). Reading what you wrote got me thinking about how the story of the Good Father in some ways seems to highlight what I am thinking may have been a particular emphasis of Jesus - that people who love each other are hurt when they engage in comparisons. Martha & Mary, Peter & the beloved disciple, the disciples asking who is the greatest - and then in this parable.There seems to be something of a repeated theme I think. People seem to be invited to do what they do because of love, not out of resentment, or because it'll make them 'greater'.

I like how you highlight the limits of the story of Lk 15 Mitch - that it isn't trying to 'solve' our valid injustices....rather it is pointing to a more transcendent reality that we are glimpsing, but not fully. It is relevant both in everyday circumstances, and also in the bigger events of our communities.

As always - cheers. And I'm glad you liked Lasairfhíona.
Pádraig, Belfast.