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I find it profoundly sad whenever I hear of someone who broke free of established religion as a young person and resolved to think independently, only to fall back into the same old prescribed patterns later in life. Sometimes the proximal cause is getting married or having children and caving to the social or family expectations for baptism, church ceremonies, etc. Other times it is the approach of death, and the fear of it, that prompt a return to superstition/religion. Then the intellectual independence goes out the window. That is why I find the philosopher David Hume so inspiring - his religious friends converged on his deathbed to gloat over his death-bed conversion - but it didn't come, and he had the last laugh.

Can you have a show about maintaining spiritual and intellectual independence from religion later in life, in the face of social pressures and the proximity of death? That would be truly inspiring and of great relevance to the growing number of young people who are staking out their independence from religion and might be tempted by backsliding in a few years time? Thank you.