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Until I at last see your comment, which it make me glad to find island of reason in ocean of empty talk, it was also sad to read all other comments. Just like the lady who make interview with the man in the program they are not interested in what is true and reality. They just want the feeling of "love" and "meaning" that they think "faith" illusion give them. Also we see how strong is poison of religion propaganda on the dear children and Stockholm syndrom effect: The man go back to religion of childhood that hold him like a hostage in a violent life. It is like wife go back to husband who beat her.

What was the most important for David Hume? Truth and the reality! It is sign of the true greatest thinker like also Nietzsche, Marx, Bertrand Russell, Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman. Thanks these great intellects people in avanced countries like Sweden, and peoples in eastern Europe especially thanks Marx, are free from opium of religion! Today we have Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam Harris and Stephen Hawking. They are great intellects who can be on one show you wish "about maintaining spiritual and intellectual independence from religion" not only later in life but any time in life!

I join you to wish to have this one show. Will it ever happen? Doubt is very strong but we must also have "Faith"! ;-)