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Loved hearing Christian read his poems (and quote memorized poetry by others...a disappearing art!). I'd read some of his poems before, soon after his book came out, and I admit didn't quite connect with them then...probably because I didn't spend enough time with them and was hearing them (and him) wrong. Then again, while there's plenty of poetry that feels more like itself when read in silence and in the space of your mind/heart, some poetry just comes to life--almost like a shock--when read aloud. I found Every Riven Thing to be an almost completely different poem when I heard it. It was resounding. Thanks for putting this show together...I so appreciated Christian's authenticity, thoughtfulness, and lack of self-importance. I regret that he's no longer the editor of Poetry as I think the world of poetry, which has been so crammed into an academic ghetto (granted, it's the only place that seems to have the power to 'protect' it...maybe...) truly needs more people like him shaping it.