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I listened to a podcast with poet Christian Wimam, who is currently teaching at Yale divinity School, and suffering for an incurable blood cancer. During the interview Krista and Christian discussed their spiritual / religious upbring. Christian who grew up in West Texas in a deeply religious baptist , but violent family( He's mother watched her father shoot and kill her mother and then he shot himself.) discusses he's overall view on faith in todays society.

Christian starts out talking about faith and how it has taken on new forms. His thoughts are that some people need to unbelieve, and find their own religious path. This is what happened to him. "Doubt is part of faith can't be separated to sing of God, might sing of Godlessness." Christian went off to college and become agnostic, but in his later years he turned back to God which remained latent since childhood. He's return to faith was because of finding and falling in love. "Love can open up the world in different ways." Christian resided a poem: "The more he love me, the more I love the world." With finding true love he said he found God again. "God is in us trying to return to the source/faith. Christian goes on to talk about how in todays society we deflected the questions of the souls into the questions of ourselves. We created a society / culture for others, not ourselves. (facebook, twitter) We tend to work on structuring ourselves on the top, rather than the foundation of who we are.

Now with faced with his own mortality , and the notion that knowing your time is coming to an end makes your life more beautiful, is a load of crap. He talks about how still it's hard to imagine his own death, and is still unsure of the afterlife. He believes that there is a new faith coming. We are discovering a new language of faith and the forms we are expressing this through is becoming more about openness then following rules. Christian hopes for a middle ground religion with elements of spirituality, art, and understanding.

I really connected with Christians view that we are overwhelmed by our lives that we don't have time to focus on the purpose of our lives. This for me is the greatest paradox of all!