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Having been raised in a Christian atmosphere, being a pastor's child, the ideas that these individuals struggled with resonated with me immensely. Wiman speaks of his experiences and tough things that he went through, which cause him to doubt. He described this in such a way pertaining to joy and sorrow and how he is moved to feel. I believe that this is strongly correlated with his own doubts and thoughts about God. He speaks of how he has/does feel moments of godlessness, but does not believe that that is a bad thing. As Christians, Christian and Krista discuss the idea of having those doubts making clear that that lacking of faith is part of the Christian journey.
This really spoke to me in terms of my own walk with God. I find myself time and time again struggling with the idea of my faith, doubting God wondering if he will ever intercede on my behalf. When I heard these two adults who are seemingly mature in their walks with God and understandings of theology speak of their own struggles, I was comforted. Here are these two individuals who are discussing that doubting is even part of mature faith. Faith is not something that can be entirely mastered and that was made clear by Christian and Krista. In my own journey, this is something that I found unbelievably important to become aware of.