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A: Krista and On Being Staff,

I loved the interview with poet, essayist and editor-- Christian Wiman. I had a similar spiritual childhood. I am Episcopalian now instead of Southern Baptist. I am a painter and a poet also. Let Christian know that I hung on every word of that he and Krista spoke. I am a subscriber to "Poetry" magazine and have read all of Christian's essays and I love his poetry as well. Krista, keep inspiring and shining! The world needs your inner light. Here is one of my poems and I have also attached one of my paintings. Peace be always with you! Sincerely yours, Gari Hatch

"Who Brushes Here"

The soul, it travels slanted ways,
where spates of light descend the days.

Between the space that opens clear,
it shutters on the tables veneer.

Stodgy, stilted, a seizure provoked,
then all at once, moving smooth and cloaked.

Sputtering spirit spilling surprise,
hallow, haloed, with a beams disguise.

Abrupt, erupt, a rabid fling,
then soothing as grace in heavens sling.

Entities spanning the particle rays,
who brushes here, who are these strays?

Gari Hatch