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Wiman creates a vivid imagery that describes the differences between the main stream notion of faith and religion and his understanding of a more subtle and less complex experience. I empathized with his comment about missing the intensity of religion that he used to experience before his revived faith later in his life. The shattering of his former ideas of faith create a personal experience of what breaking religious myth looks like after we challenge what we thought we knew.

I cant help but wonder what Wiman believes happens at the time of death. He mentions that he does not share the common belief in heaven. Other On Being guests have asserted similar ideas. Could the heaven that people wait for, be the heaven that are participating in currently as suggested in the bible and other religious texts. Poetry may be one of the few ways to convey the abstract and ungraspable messages that are solidified in religion and faith. I enjoyed the interview and the ideas that Wiman shared.