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I found many this podcast of “Remembering God” with Christian Wiman quite interesting. It was interesting when Wiman was defining his meaning of faith and beliefs. “The way I've defined it to myself is I think of belief as having objects. Faith doesn't have objects. Faith is an orientation of your life or it's an energy of your life or however you want to define it. But I think it is objectless.” The way Wiman puts it, I would agree and understand why because like he mentioned, faith is by actions and I would say with trust. As for beliefs it is as having objects, such as having something to hope for. I really liked his take on it.
Another thing I liked that Christian Wiman said was, “I am convinced that the same God that might call me to sing of God at one time might call me at another to sing of godlessness. Sometimes when I think of all this energy that's going on, all of these different people trying to find some way of naming and sharing their belief — I think it may be the case that God calls some people to unbelief in order that faith can take new forms.” I felt that this does speak to me. What I’m getting from that quote is that God calls everyone differently and in different ways even if it’s unbelief. Whichever one it is, the way I see it is that either way, our faith will take new forms since faith is of having actions and trust. However, it’s not always going to be of actions since there is doubt. With that being said I think that, faith comes and go and when it does it takes a new form.