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I truly enjoyed listening to the broadcast, "Remembering God" with the poet Christian Wiman concerning faith and its involvement in his own life. Many things were discussed that sparked my interest including the connectedness of faith and love, the difference between belief and faith, and the modern day idea of faith.

Wiman and Krista Tippett talked about how true love increases our awareness of transcendence and mystery. Not just romantic love, but love for our family and friends as well. The overwhelming feeling of love demands to be expressed beyond our means of expressing it, transforming into excess energy that is in fact the essence of God. With this increased awareness our spirituality can flourish, inviting faith into our lives. Religion is what we make of these intense times of spirituality. While belonging to a certain religion does not necessarily mean agreeing with everything that particular religion says, it rather means acknowledging incredible moments in your life of joy or suffering and demanding action to express it and share it with others. As in love, the intense feeling is not always present with faith, yet its constant presence is not necessary (or realistic) in spiritual growth.

The idea that faith and belief are words that mean completely different things was also discussed. Wiman has written "Faith is not a state of mind but an action in the world, a movement towards the world." He expresses the idea that belief is having objects while faith is an orientation of your life, an energy of your life that is object less. Many people need religious elements in their life such as church attendance to project their spiritual energy outward. In his opinion, the way we know our spiritual inclinations are valid is because they lead out of ourselves.

Wiman expressed multiple ideas in relation to faith in the present day and its impact on our lives. Many people today are given the opportunity to choose their own spiritual and religious path, inviting them to actively seek a way to find God with others. Traditional religious language is evolving to include many religions and practices creating new forms of expression. As a culture, we are looking to grasp a sense of religion and spirituality that encompasses clarity as well as openness to engage the parts of us that are beyond our understanding. The intriguing question was brought up, "How do we reach for God in the midst of this life when we are constantly being overwhelmed by life?" Wiman believes the inability to have a close connection with God is a result of us being too involved with ourselves as a person and not with our soul. In terms of doubt in relation to faith, Wiman believes it is not separate from but actually a part of faith. He asserts that God calls some people to unbelief so that faith can take on new forms.

Overall, this was a very powerful and thought-provoking broadcast that invites the listener to question how faith fits into their own life.