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With the statement, “its God in us, trying to get back to its source” I was intrigued. If we and everything else in existence was created by God, could this all be constructed by God itself? Would it not make sense that the part of God in us wants to be directly connected to the rest of this being? When he says that statement, he is implying that we have a natural inclination to search for God, but he does not restrict how we can conduct this search. He has friends that find it through the Bible, and he says some find it through speaking with others, but none of it is wrong. This is a respectable way to look at it.
He also speaks about God being something we cannot come to understand on our own, but rather needs an outside source. If I understand his statements correctly, love can be this outside source, or connection. This is very interesting as love is a powerful and inexplicable emotion, and nearly anything can come from a reaction to it.
This was a very interesting show, and I enjoyed it very much. I really like how he does not limit what God could be, or how we could interact with it. Keeping an open mind while trying to understand something that is beyond understanding would seem to be a requirement.