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I found it interesting how Christian Wiman describes that he believes that God turns people into unbelievers so the faith of God can come in a new form. I think it is important not to look at faith or religion forcefully; it should come naturally in time. Also, it seems to be a different world now with religion and Christianity where there are so many non-believers. The solitude and wholeness of Christianity seems to be fading. When people look back on their childhood, religion isn’t such a big part of one’s memory. The aspects of everyday lives were surrounded by having faith and staying strong. As Christian Wilman describes about how poetry faded for him because he had false expectations, this reminded me of religion and what people search for within a religion. Spirituality doesn’t have absolute clarity; a person must have faith simply in faith. Faith is more of a part of you and, as Christian Wilman describes, it is an energy that is with you. More people seem to be lost with religion and left with so many questions and now there is a new language and form being created. The aspects of how religions and religious aspects are categorized into such define concepts are being blurred into a bigger picture. Furthermore, I liked how Christian Wilman describes that Christ comes alive in communion between people and how just communication of religion and life can stabilize you in the unstable world. Moreover, I really enjoyed relating faith with the feeling of love and how it can be so fierce and absolute in the beginning and sometimes slowly fades until you realize there is no more faith or love anymore. One must cycle through the process to truly realize. Also, Christian Wiman describes that life is full of the past and ideas of the future and present isn’t really there. I do think that the past defines us. Moreover, the idea of heaven tends to planted in our minds that it is hard not to think of heaven in our afterlife. Although, it is so planted in everyone, I do think that the concept of heaven varies greatly with our imagination as Christian Wiman describes. Overall, Chrisitian Wiman dedicated his life to poetry and faith with God while finding love with the ones he cared dearly for. Amber Lyrek