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When I was listening to Sarah Kay’s Poem “Tshotsholoza” about Noor Ebrahim in South Africa and his 50 pigeons returning to the empty plot of land after being set free as if they were asking where is our home, I immediately thought of the words of one our your earliest guest in the interview Desmond Tutu’s God of Surprises when he describes the feeling of freedom after Apartheid, but specifically about the true meaning of Freedom. Mr. Tutu spoke about the preposition “from” – you are free from and then you are free “for”. He described South African’s having gone from being free from, which turns out to be one of the slightly easier things to get to do, although it took so long, however, the being free for, he mentions is the toughest part. So what is the free “for” turns to be the most important question!
Sarah’s poem evoked the same type of question in me. Although I am apparently free in this country/world, I often wonder like those pigeons in her poem… where is my/our true home? In terms of spiritual freedom, eternity, heaven, peace. I wonder if this is what Sarah is alluding to in her poem.
Marvelous work, Sarah is one of the finest. Thank you Krista for giving us such high quality programs with teachings, education, and entertainment. I highly admire your work!