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Yes! Isn't it really just our own interpretation of the sounds that really matter? I just heard a raucous sound of a band of touring motorcycles pass my house in rural Vermont. They come by every summer. I could be annoyed by that loud noise that invades my quiet life, or I could wish them well in their journey and wonder about their individual stories as they pass my house and wonder if they wonder about my story! I also have a favorite sound - it's a strange one I think - but the passing of cars in the very early morning first light time of day seems to have a different quality to it than any other time of day and has always been a very comforting sound to me from the time I was very small. So is the ticking of a clock (or as in our house - many, many clocks) Different strokes for different folks I suppose. But I also must say I do love and cherish alone time both in nature and my own home or wherever I can find it. It's the ying and yang of being with yourself and with others I think!