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Living on the edge of the Boundary Waters National Park in Ely, MN, I grew up with many moments in the woods. Standing still on my cross country skis feeling the crisp air on my face, soaking in that odd cool lovely quietness- as parents and friends push on ahead. Very precious time with something even as a child I recognized as nourishing. Walks almost daily in summer vacation along the old train tracks, my mother, neighborhood friends, bird song, crickets, the sound of a hot summer day- that life that's there. When listening to the radio program, as I heard the infamous calls of loons accompanied by lush frog song I knew how very blessed I have been. Much of my life, even to this day is infused with loon call and frogs. If u haven't been camping in the boundary waters area, make time. The key- you need at least 5 days- it takes 4 days for your mind and psyche to unload its chatter... The experience you will start to have afterwards will forever change you. You will come closer to feeling what we are originally designed to feel. How to truly listen to life. Your awareness of all that is pulsing around you will finally have the opportunity to expand.