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I am a former Minneapolitan who moved to Asheville for reasons I didn't comprehend at the time but, post hoc, I realize that one of the main reasons was for quiet. In fact, the sound of an airplane now startles me; an amazing thing considering I used to live under two flight paths. Now what I hear where I live, 25 minutes outside of Asheville, is the sound of a creek, horses in the meadow across the creek, a pileated woodpecker, my neighbor's wolf/dog howling at night. I rarely hear the traffic on the main road which brings me here, hidden, as it is, behind a slight ridge.
But there is one kind of "silence" that I miss from the Twin Cities—the "silence" which happens when snow falls. There is a change in the sound of traffic, indeed, in all of the modern urban sounds. Perhaps it was only relative, but the silence which the snow brought was so beautiful, and so welcome (as was the silence which came for a few days one year when Northwest Airlines was being struck).