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Gunilla Norris who is a psychotherapist and practitioner of meditation has said that both solitude and silence are endangered species. I totally agree. I have to run a fan at night because of a loud drone from a packaging plant close to where I live. Maybe I should get one of Gordon's albums and play it through ear buds instead! I am a musician and have sensitive hearing. I believe that silence is the creative ground of all music. Just as Taoism says that the space within 4 walls is what creates a room, silence is the space between the notes that creates a song. I also agree that people are afraid of silence. I live alone and often do not play music and have no TV. In silence, I find I am able to allow anything to emerge including facing my mortality, something many are afraid to do. I have also had the experience of sitting across from a person and looking at him for 5 minutes in silence. That was a deeply intimate experience. The question for me is simply what is everyone running from which silence and solitude allow us to embrace. I don't know the answer to that question. Perhaps other spiritual teachers do. I very much enjoyed hearing Gordon talk. He has a rare depth of insight into the intimate dance of sound and silence. Thank you SO much. It helped make my Sunday beautiful. Sincerely Robin Riebsomer