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I am back. Again listening to your show on "Silence" I am haunted once again by how your show seems to, well, not make any sense. How can one "record silence" How can "nature" be considered "silent"? I have been in some of the most remote places one can imagine and it is all one can do to fall asleep given the defining "noise of nature" In fact there is nothing "silent" at all about nature. Humans of course cause unbelievable "noise" but this is not always bad, the gentle drone of a distant locomotive when I was living in central rural Kansas was a sound that above most others, makes one feel the ultimate "aloness" and leads to introspection, self doubt, self awareness if you will. On a long driving trip, turn off the radio, put up the windows and sit listening only to the engine taking in what you pass. I know what he is trying to say...but there are many places in which one can feel these things.