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Gordon Hemptom has great neural wifi. I could feel it in his voice. I could see it in the way my student worker stood next to my desk to do her work--which she's never done before. She couldn't hear what he said, but she could feel his energy, his frequency passing through me. She's normally quite distracted and giggly. Not today. I"ve seen the parrots in my aviary respond the same way when I'm plugged into my Ipod. They like the emotion passing through. They dance and squeal even though I'm the only one listening to the music. And then when I transfer the sound to the speakers for them but just sit there quietly to see what they'll do. They follow me and stay still.

I'm handfeeding my new 24 year old cockatoo to get him to bond with me, As he gets full, he mimics a Roosevelt Elk. That's it! It's not a whale song, it's an elk! I guess you have to hear it to believe it!

I sent a link to this show to my dad (and all my friends on Facebook). He's the one that taught me to listen to the silence. He also helped me see it's the emptiness you create that allows the whole world to blossom. Thanks so much for putting these ideas into words ... and sounds. Totally gave me the chills.