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During the years of being a parent, I first discovered the necessity for silence, which allowed me to quiet my nerves and clear my mind that made it possible for me to relax. But I really began to appreciate the greater potential of living in silence
when I was a marine life artist/scuba diver from 1972 - 2006.

The ever-present sound of rhythmic breathing becomes white noise while the sounds of the current rustling algae or seaweed and animals (fish and invertebrates) filter through. The visual world of quiet colors including the vibrant colors of soft corals and other animals are softened add to the calming of the soul. When returning to the topside from that environ, I found myself searching for compliments to that experience. No longer a diver, my art is focusing on searching the depths of sights in my earthly environs that includes static structures. The joy from within has grown as I take time to reach within for expression in my art. Even when I'm struggling to grow in that area, silence helps me be in touch with my individual expression.

I look forward to On Being each week and it broadens my perspectives of the soul and the world.