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Even natives go into the woods listening for a particular sound. Imagine going hunting in the jungle, your sight can only go ahead to the next trees, which are only a few feet away. You must listen for the sound of what you're hunting: the pad of tiny hooves, the rustle of feathered feet, the leaf-litter clamor of a searching nose. Of course one's ears hear everything, but a hunter must single out the sound he or she is looking for, otherwise it's not really hunting, and your family is hungry, there's no time to waste just waiting for the sound you're looking for to happen by. Plus, don't you imagine a naive might have a favorite bird sound just as we "moderns" might? Why wouldn't native peoples have favorites and listen for those? Now also imagine that you're in a Central American rain forest and you hear the sound of a loud cough, and then a growl. How in tune might you be with that sound? Perhaps the creator is looking for you and is listening to the sounds you make.