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I too loved this interview with Gordon Hempton, I have listened to it twice and will do so again. I am an introverted individual, and like others who have replied here, I often stay in my home with no other sounds. I did not own a TV after I left home until I was 29 and then I never hooked it up to the outside world. I had no desire to let the cacophony there inside my home. I love music and listen to it often, but many times I sit and read, or look out into the countryside in silence.
I was in the Air Force for 20 years and you can imagine the noise on an air base. Now, I am retired and live in the countryside of Northern Nebraska. My closest neighbor is a quarter mile away. I love the quiet here that lets me hear the rustle of small birds in the leaves, or the chirp of a lone cricket. I also love the unlit nights where I can see the Milky Way stretching all the way across the horizon.
In my life I have been many things and one of them is a caver and there is nowhere I have ever been that is more quiet, so quiet that I have actually heard my own heart beat, so I guess only the dead could ever achieve absolute silence. I used to clamber deep into the musky earth, wending through narrow passage that twisted and turned, and once I'd found the right place, I'd lay down on the ground and turn out the lights. The darkness and silence are both as complete as nature can create. There, wrapped in a cocoon of silent darkness. I would let my mind settle, like sediment in a puddle, until a clarity came upon me that was achievable no where else. Then I would just "be" for awhile and let the rest of the world rush by overhead.