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Krista and Matthew

I am a 52 yr old man in chicago who loves your show and is profoundly moved by it many weeks. It is so great, it airs on WBEZ in Chicago at 7 am on Sunday morn, just in time for me to listen in bed without the day's harried life's distractions. Todays show was so great, so eye opening and inspiring. I am an aging late baby boomer with bad pained knees, back, ect. I spend much of my life worrying about my body "failing me" slowly over the next 20 years until I am dead. The way Matt spoke of our body never fails us, and our paradigm of seeing only "will and force dominating mind over matter to will our bodies into overcoming the effects of age" was so enlightening. I am a deep thinker but poor typer, and this brief not only touches the tip of my inspiration and the bounty of thoughts and feelings set free or birthed or planted in my mind by your show today. Thanks Matt. And many times in the past few years. Thank Krista!