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"getting people to go on hospice sooner...." I agree, Maggie. My mom, and I as her primary caregiver, would have benefited if we had gone under hospice care sooner. Instead, we (and all her physicians) remained in "curative mode" which led to a revolving door in and out of the hospital. It was as if no one wanted to be the one to initiate the idea of "palliative care" to us. It took a (well-done) bulletin board display on the floor of my mom's last hospitalization to finally introduce us to the concept (we had never heard the words before). So, my family learned the hard (slow) way, first time around. Next came my Dad five months later, followed by my step-father, another five months later. By then, we knew better how to navigate the "curative" vs "non-curative" tightrope.