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My father was diagnosed with Parkinsons. As his loss of mobility worsened, he and my mother did everything possible to accomodate his situation. When he could no longer drive a car, they got a golf cart to drive around their neighborhood. When he could no longer steady himself, he got a walker. I never heard him complain or blame God for his disease. He faced it with courage. I credit my mother a great deal for his good attitude. She was always encouraging him and finding new ways for them to enjoy the day, even when the day was not so good. Simple things like sitting in a parking lot, enjoying an ice cream and watching the cars go by. She always made him feel as comfortable as possible and made sure that he had things to do; things that gave him a feeling of accomplishment. I watched the love between them grow. Though privately there were tears, she never complained. When he passed in 2008, the family was blessed to be at his bedside. We held hands and prayed the Lord's prayer as he passed from this life to the next. My dad taught me much in this life, but it was through his disease that I learned of his true character. The NY couples comments at the end of this broadcast said it all. The gentleman said "these are not very romantic things to say, but they brighten up my heart". This was his comment to his wife asking him if he wanted more ice cream or reminding him to drink more water.The Valentines Day letter she read was priceless. It really comes down to the simple things in life and small gestures of love that mean the most.