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My mother 'relocated to heaven' 5 yrs ago. She'd suffered a massive stroke and she had a Living Will which clearly stated she did not want to be kept alive by extraordary means/resuscitated. I am the youngest of 3 sisters- one of my sisters decided she would violate our Mom's wishes and kept her alive, ignoring her Living Will and her rights. Our Mom lingered for 9 long agonizing months until she (sister) felt it was ok to let Mom go. I knew my Mom did not want the inhumane way she was forced to remain 'alive'-She was a woman of faith and knew her ultimate desination would be heaven. Why would someone who also claims to be a believer, feel entitled to play God? The bottom line is that it is wrong for anyone to decide what is best for the person who is dying on the best way or the time to let go. It is simply selfish.