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Beautiful show. It made me think that being able to participate in the process of helping a loved one through this stage of existence helps relatives/friends/caregivers to eventually feel good about the event despite how difficult it might have been. In a way, participating becomes a blessing for the caregiver. I then thought about people whose loved ones die suddenly, tragically, alone, i.e., not "well" in the sense defined here? I know that was not the focus of this show, but the discussion made me wonder about the suffering for the living that comes with not able to be there, to help, to make things better. What is the healing balm (if any) for living with the feeling that you were not able to say I Love You, I Forgive You, Please Forgive me... that you had no chance to say Good Bye....
Thank you for this amazing show that pushes us to dig deeper within and without.