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My late husband's oncologist recommended this podcast to me, I have not listened to it yet, but I know as my 38 year old husband was near the end of his battle with cancer it was my hope to surround him with love in his last days. He was so blessed to have so many visitors, including 4 different priests in those last days. One time he was even able to put his hands together and pray. That gave me a peace that I will never be able to explain in words. A peace that I knew he was ready and that God was ready to receive him. Also, a peace that while I was losing him on this Earth, he would always be a part of me and our children and that I would one day reunite with him for eternity.
While I was scared to lose him I never looked at his impending death as something to hide from, I faced it head on the entire time, because I know we all face it at some point and it does not do any good to be scared or tried to hide from it. Of course it is not what I wanted, I would much rather have him here healthy and helping me raise our 4 beautiful children, but I knew that was not to be and I wanted him to know, I was there, holding his hand, loving him, standing with him, until he took his last breath. I can only hope that when my time comes that I face it with the same brave face and welcoming heart as he did. For his strength and courage in those last days made me grow to love him even more.