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Dr Ira starts with this quote “Death is a developmental stage in life”. What a profound statement and concept. So easy to say and understand, yet so difficult to accept and execute. In the end death is the final stage we can obtain from life and one that we will all face. We should be looking at death as a failure of the body and medicine, but not a failure of the mind and spirit. Another great quote is “We’re all going to be dead a long time, why rush it?” I busted out laughing at this quote because is hits home; it goes straight to the heart of the issue. We all die and we stay that way for a long, long time. We are all born with the will to survive and when we die, it’s personal because we are the only ones who experience it. I hope I can live my life for the living and not worry about death because if I only worry about death then I have missed life.